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Fast and easy Portuguese course

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In each lesson I teach:
- Conversation practice
- Grammae: writing; reading; speaking; reading.
- New vocabulary
- Brazilian expressions
- memorization method created by me
- comunicative portuguese: how to write e-mails, talk on the phone, write messagens etc...
- Slangs
- business portuguese
- portuguese to travel
- social media: expressions used in Brazil
I provide all the material needed. Students don't need to buy any book.
In my classes I use the material I personalized and elaborated and in addition to that I use videos, audios, articles from the news, journalistic articles and academic articles.


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Anna 튜터님 소개

My name is Anna I am a native speaker of brazilian portuguese. I was born in São Paulo city. I have been teacher Portuguese and Spanish to foreighners for 3 years now. My classes are 100% Online. In these 3 years I have had students from many countries such as: Germany, Italy, Spain, Israel, Brance, United States and Canadá. I offer private lessons to individuals and one to one. In my classes the student start spaking from the first day. My classes are pernonalized and elaborated to match each students in particular. I a very pacient, committed and responsable with schedules.


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1 hour class - 18 USD


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  • 브라질의 최고는 브라질인이기 때문에 브라질인 선생님과 함께 포르투갈어를 배우세요.


    , 브라질

    5 (후기 34개)
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    • 1시간 무료
  • 외국인을 위한 유럽 포르투갈어: 일주일에 한두 번 45분 개인 온라인 수업으로 저와 함께 학습합니다.


    Setúbal, 포르투갈

    5 (후기 14개)
    • 14666/원/시간
    • 45분 무료
  • USP에서 각 학생을위한 개별 방법론으로 훈련 된 포르투갈어 교사 / Professora de Português com formação pela USP com metodologia individual para cada aluno


    Bela Vista, 브라질

    4.9 (후기 4개)
    • 10197/원/시간
    • 1시간 무료
  • 외국인에게 언어 교육 경험이 있는 포르투갈어 원어민 교사.


    Jardim Tonato, 브라질

    5 (후기 2개)
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  • 브라질 포르투갈어를 할 수 있게 해줄 테니 함께 재미있게 배워봅시다.


    Florianópolis, 브라질

    5 (후기 1개)
    • 11545/원/시간
    • 1시간 무료
  • Aprenda e Pratique português com uma nativa do Brazil !  Sou brasileira, filha de pais oreanos e apaixonada pela troca de experiências e novas culturas !  Posso ensiná-lo tudo sobre a língua portugues



    • 28000/원/시간
    • 1시간 무료
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